Frequently Asked Questions


Check-in & Check-out

What time can I check-in?

From 12:00pm on the day of arrival.

When do I need to check-out?

12:00pm although you can extend your check-out for $150 per hour, up to 2:00pm.

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How do we book a double and a twin room ?

You can only book one room type per booking. At Three Arms we only have two types of room; Executive and Classic.

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What is the opening time for the resturanr

Breakfast ‐ 6.30am – 10.00am
Lunch ‐    12.00pm –  3.00pm
Dinner ‐    6.00pm – 10.00pm

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Booking Process

When do I receive my e-mail confirmation?

Our e-mail confirmations are computer generated and can take up to 6 hours. Please make sure you have given us the correct e-mail address for this confirmation.

How do I book?

For the lowest rates, always book online at

I can't seem to book or I received an error message?

This is most likely system problems that our software suppliers cannot provide a satisfactory explanation for - sorry! When booking rooms, you may get the following messages. (We have translated these from IT talk into the English language!)

  • "You are trying to select a range of dates where we have no vacancy on at least one day for the room you have selected"
    In English, this means our rooms are fully booked on one or more of the dates selected. Please try again.
  • "Invalid Rate Type"
    In English, this means there are no more rooms at the specify date. Please try another date or another rate.
  • "Connection timed out"
    In English, this means the system is experiencing large volumes of users trying to book rooms. Your booking has not been confirmed and you will need restart the booking process - Sorry.

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Cancellation & Changes Policy

What is your cancellation policy and where is it on the website?

If you book a room on our website, the booking cannot be cancelled but the date can be changed using our on-line form. Payment is taken at the time of booking and cannot be changed. You will have to accept the terms and conditions in order to confirm your online booking, so please make sure you read these before accepting.

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When will my credit card be charged?

Payment for a booking is processed when you book rather than when you check-out from the Hotel. This process can take up to 48 hours to be actioned.

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Special Offers

How do I keep informed of special offers and rates?

Keep an eye on our website on a very regular basis and make sure you have signed up to our mailing list.

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How to get here

See our interactive map for more help.